Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Your Backstage Pass

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since we shot our House Hunters episode!  It was such an awesome, yet interesting experience.  I am so happy we were able to document our journey, as purchasing a first home is such an important milestone in marriage.  It has been fun to gain new blog followers from those of you who saw our appearance on the show and took the time to find my blog.  I am still so grateful to you for that as it is so much fun hearing from you!  I hope you all stuck around :)
Our House Hunters experience has created a lot of questions about the process and how it works.  This post is dedicated to all of those who have asked and patiently waited for a post explaining some of the most asked questions about the House Hunters and HGTV experience. 

Here we go.....

How did you get selected to be on the show?

The first step is for either you or your realtor to the go to the HGTV website and apply for the show you would like to appear on.  The initial application process is pretty straightforward.  From there if they are looking for people in your market, and if a producer is interested, they contact you with the next steps which includes submitting a video audition for them to pitch to the powers that be at the network.  Both the buyers and the realtor have to audition and be selected.  If you are picked, your producer is going to give you shoot dates and the crew will be coming to film you!   

Is the show fake?

No, but because this is television and not real-time, some elements of the process are reenacted as they are on any reality TV show.

Do they provide you with furniture, closing-costs, or some other form of incentive to be on the show?

Lol, I wish but no they do not.  You receive a very minimal amount of compensation for your time.   

How many days do you shoot?

We shot for 5 days total split into two separate trips.  The first trip of 3 days, the crew shot us hunting for houses and our back-story.  The second trip of 2 days they filmed the moved in scenes.

How large is the crew?

Small!  You have one camera guy, one sound guy, one director, and a production assistant.  This makes for very long shoot days.

Do you only get to choose from 3 houses?

No.  We actually looked at a lot more than 3 houses but the crew did not follow us around and film all of that.  When you are selected to be on the show, they are only going to show you look at 3 homes for time purposes since it is only a 22 minute show.  Another weird aspect to the show is because it is television, you are required to be near a decision in the house hunting experience as they won't waste time shooting people who are not within a reasonable time-frame of closing. 

And there you have it.  This addressed most of the questions we have been asked about how the HGTV shows work :)



  1. This is awesome!!! Ok, I am one of the creepy people who stalked your blog from the show. I watched House Hunters literally last night, and you guys were on it! I am originally from Texas (San Antonio actually!) so it was really fun to see scenes of the area I am familiar with. When my husband and I moved to NYC, we wanted to apply to be on the show, and had looked it up, but we had only 2 weeks to up and move for my husband's job so we wouldn't have had any time. Haha, but it looks so fun! Maybe we will apply when we someday move back...I want my blog to be featured on the show too, lol ; p

    Anyways, love your blog and so happy I found it after watching the show last night! I also love the little puppy you guys got at the end, so cute!!


    1. Thanks, Madeline! My hubs and I are actually going to be in San Antonio next month so if you have any recommendations of what to do while we are there, send them over! I am so glad you found me and your blog is beautiful. Great photography :)

  2. Great recap of the reality show process. You know when I'm watching TV, I wonder what parts are staged so this is great info.


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