Saturday, August 15, 2015

Yeah Mon'- Jamaica Recap!

Last week the hubs and I attended the wedding of our friends Corey and Dora in Ocho Rios, Jamaica so of course it is time for a little vaca recap!

Check out the view from our room.  Gorgeous, right?!?  

In four way to short days, we got to enjoy the beautiful Sandals Grand Riviera Resort in Ocho Rios.  We squeezed in offroading, hiking, and zip-lining through a rainforest and also enjoyed some kayaking on the Caribbean Sea.  We ended the trip attending The Dowden's wedding and celebrating with them!

A few shots from the first day- the beautiful couple, scenery, and me and my hubs.

Here's Day 2!

Day 3 was the wedding day!  It was an all white affair :)

Unfortunately, most of day 4 was spent traveling so I did not document a lot of that day.

This was the shortest trip out of the country we have gone on so far, so we just didn't get the time to do some of the extra activities we typically like to enjoy when traveling like a day hanging in town like a local and more relaxation at the beach. 

Next time, I guess :)  All in all, we had a great vacation!


  1. Love that resort, visited there a few years ago! Beautiful pics!

    1. Thanks! The grounds there were so beautiful! Definitely on my list to visit again :)


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