Sunday, November 22, 2015

Early 1st Trimester Bumpdates (Weeks 5-10)

These early days of pregnancy were so tough.  I was a nervous wreck 99.9% of the time.  I literally checked the tissue every time I went to the bathroom :(   I only took a few pics during that time and most of them were taken during Week 7 when we celebrated our 2 yr anniversary (see this post).  I didn't have much of a bump at that time so there are no bump pics or anything during this time frame to document.

Week Five 

We got a BFP on first our very first preggo test Labor Day weekend! By week five, I weighed  in at 132lbs which is 4 lbs up from my pre-pregnancy weight. Our first Dr apt was during this week to check HCG levels to see how viable this pregnancy would be especially since I started spotting lightly for a day or so.  My HCG levels were at 18,000 during this week which my Dr was very pleased with.   I had my last coffee the day before I did took the preggo test.

Week Six

I had more off and on spotting this week- scary.  I was taking a cheap prenatal vitamin from Target pre-pregnancy and changed to a new prenatal by Nature Valley with DHA.   The spotting this week turned to  bright red so I panicked and went to the ER.  This was my first ultrasound of this pregnancy which confirmed baby was fine.  Heartrate was at 167!  They check my HCG levels and did a urine sample.  My HCG was 18637 which wasn't much higher than it was the previous week.  This really freaked me out because I read some really scary things about what could be wrong if your HCG levels aren't doubling.   The ER visit also discovered I have a large ovarian cyst on the left ovary along with the small fibroid that was left behind after my surgery last year.   I was placed on pelvic rest following this visit and scared to death.

Week Seven

We had our first ultrasound this week with our regular OBGYN.  The babies heart rate was only 131 today but  measuring on schedule to the exact day.   Everything looked so good!  Almost too good to be true!  I officially let go worry- well at least I tried until I start lightly spotting again the following day.   By this week, I was also extremely fatigued, nauseous, and had lots of lower back pain.  My allergies started up at full speed this week and I was sneezing constantly and blowing my nose.   I also had weird hot flashes and chills randomly that made me think I was severely ill.  It felt like I was dying. 

Week Eight

I had more light spotting on again early this week.   The chronic sneezing and congestion continued.  I was still waking up a lot to pee and very fatigued.  The spotting still really concerned me but I really started to believe deep in my heart that God is protecting this baby and they will be born healthy despite of this.

Week Nine

I started tracking my weight this week.  I weighed in at 133 lbs, 1 lb up from Week Five.  My head congestion is still in full swing so I called my Dr and reported symptoms.  Up until this point, I hadn't taken any medication at all to help control my symptoms.  He recommended I take some Benadryl and said it is typical for your body to be out of whack during pregnancy.   Despite his recommendation, I stubbornly didn’t take any meds and just continued to fight through it.  I was still nauseous off and on and still really fatigued.  

Week Ten

I weighed in at 134 lbs, so I gained another pound.  Total weight gain is now up to 6 lbs.  I am very bloated by this week, and still very congested, fatigued, and peeing frequently.  We had a big Dr apt this week!  We had another ultrasound and the baby was still on schedule and wiggling all around.  So fun to watch!  The babies heart rate was at 163 during this visit.  We found out the small fibroid grew a little but is still away from the baby.   The ovarian cyst was still massive but Dr wasn't worried.  He told me that during early pregnancy the cyst is actually providing me with extra progesterone which is needed to sustain a pregnancy.  We opted for the genetic blood testing which will also reveal the gender.  The doctors office reviewed our benefits and costs for office visits and delivery and we also received info our the hospital where we will deliver. 
Up until this point, the only people to know we were pregnant were our youth pastors at church which is the ministry we serve in.  We confided in them for prayer and because we knew it would remain confidential.  After such a great Dr.'s appointment, we decided it was okay to let the news out to close family and friends.  We did a fun announcement during a gathering at our house to let them know we were expecting and called our parents and told them the news. 

My congestion and allergies are still driving me banana's this week so I finally broke down and took two Benedyl's and sprayed some Ocean spray to soothe my nostrils a bit.  My clothes are starting to get pretty tight and I have a noticeable pudge by this point that looks like I had a bit too much to eat.  My cravings kicked in as well.  This week they were cereal, pickles and spaghetti. 

And there we have it.  What a miserable five weeks full of high's and low's!  I am going to post weekly bumpdates moving forward on Monday's after I get all caught up to date this week to my current stage of pregnancy.  The weekly bumpdates will be a lot less boring and I will actually have a bump to show! :)

Until next time.....

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