Sunday, January 3, 2016

Baby H's Name Reveal

I am so excited to share this news!  After much deliberation, we have finally decided 100% on the name of our first born child.  We prayed on it and thought about this name for quite a few weeks to be sure we felt in our gut it was the right choice.

Without further ado, our baby boy will be called.......

We love this name for so many reasons but the main is for its biblical meaning. 

The Hebrew meaning of Asher is "happy" (fortunate; blessed).  Biblical: In the Old Testament, in the Book of Genesis, Asher was the 8th son of Jacob and the second son of Zilpa, the maid of Jacob's wife Leah and was promised a life blessed with abundance (See Gen. 30:13).
I want our son to have a blessed and happy life of abundance!  It also meets a lot of my other criteria for baby names so once I thought of this name and the hubby finally agreed with me on one, I just knew this one was it!

His middle name is actually two names that will be passed down from his father as they are his middle names.  These two names were passed down to him from two special men in his family Michael and Scott. 

Asher Michael Scott, your father and I cannot wait to meet you and hold you in our arms.  You are truly a miracle and our greatest blessing so far.  We love you so much. 


  1. Love the name. All the best for you and your hubby and baby Asher.


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