Saturday, February 6, 2016

26 Weeks

Different backdrop this week as we traveled home to STL for our first babyshower :)

How far along? 26 weeks
Baby Size: As big as a Head of Lettuce!
Total weight gain:  25-30lbs- had a spike this week from all the traveling and eating
Maternity clothes?  Yes, along with most of my regular clothes
Stretch marks? Nope.  Just really ugly dark patches around my belly, breasts, and armpits :(
Sleep:  Still just plain uncomfortable.  Toss and turn all night and wake up sore.
Best moment this week: We had our first baby shower back in STL.  My sisters did such an amazing job.  Everything was so me right down to the very last detail.  I couldn't have asked for a better way to celebrate becoming a mother.  It is hard to describe in words the love I feel for this little boy and this baby shower finally put into perspective that in less than 14 weeks my life will be forever changed.  More to come about the shower in a later post :)

Miss Anything? Sleeping comfortably, my body
Movement: He has been very busy in there.  He likes to stick his little butt up which causes a bulge on the left side which is pretty cool to see. 
Food cravings: Cookies, popcorn, and smoothies
Gender: It's a BOY!

Looking forward to:  This week we plan to begin looking for a pediatrician and to finish cleaning out the office to prepare for painting the nursery. 
xo, Tasha

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