Sunday, June 5, 2016

Asher is....One Month Old!

I cannot believe it has been a month already little peanut!  I am actually a little late to post this since you turned a month old on Thursday!  You gave me a hard time getting a shot of you where you weren't screaming so forgive me in advance for your one lonely photo during this update :)


Your current nicknames are Bubba, Buddy, Simba, Ash, and Baby Boy.   You love your boppy lounger, swing, solly wrap, taking day naps, rocking motion, and going on stroller walks.  You also seem to enjoy being out to lunch with mommy.  Right now, you are not a fan of diaper changes, tummy time, or sleeping at night!


You are so advanced!  You have been able to hold your head up since the day you were born.  You can even roll over to your side now.  Your temperament is still fairly grumpy but every now and then you slip smile to mommy :)  You are able to give us direct eye contact and can follow objects with your eyes as well.  You are holding your head and neck very well at tummy time and doing very well so far developmentally.   You received your second Hep B vaccine during your one month checkup, and while I hated it you did such a great job!  You also passed your newborn screenings with flying colors.

Growing Pains....

At your one month checkup, you weighed in at 8lbs 14oz and measured 21.25inches.  You are growing like a weed!  Your head is still the largest thing on your little body measuring at 15 inches but we know you will grow into it one of these days.  It just means you are suupper smart and will be our little Harvard graduate one day.  You took your first real bath after losing your umbilical cord stump and you did not like it at all but you are slowly liking bath time a little more now.  You have an umbilical hernia but your pediatrician expects it will go away by the time you are two or three years old.  All that means in a nutshell is you have an outie :)  Right now, you are having major skin issues that we are trying to figure out so you look like a miniature teenager with all the red bumps everywhere.  Everyone thinks it's baby acne including your pediatrician but your worried mommy still isn't ruling out that it is something more and is watching your skin closely.  Hopefully you aren't suffering from allergies or eczema.  You LOVE to eat and have been cluster feeding lately which explains your growth over the past 2 weeks.  You are currently exclusively breastfed every 2-3 hours (every hour during your clusters) and receive one bottle overnight by daddy that mommy pumps out for you during the day.  When we first brought you home, you stopped latching so I had to exclusively pump for you for about at week until we went back to see the lactation consultant.  Following that visit, you have been latching like a champ every since and doing great!

Life with you this past month has been such a blessing.  Despite the lack of sleep, the new soundtrack of your cries, and mommy looking and smelling like a milk maid, I would not change one single thing.  I love you to pieces little man!

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