Friday, June 3, 2016

Asher's Birth Story

I have literally had write birth story on my list of things to do since the week after he was born.  Here we are 4 1/2 weeks into life as a family of three and I am finally getting a moment to sit down and collect my thoughts and document this miraculous day. 

Here we go.....

Asher was scheduled for a c-section delivery Monday, May 2nd and Noon.  Asher, however, had plans to arrive on his own terms regardless of what was scheduled on the calendar.  He was determined for his birthday to be May 2nd no matter what!

Let's start with the weekend before he arrived.  My mom and paternal grandmother both arrived two days before his birth.  So Saturday morning I jumped my very pregnant self into my car and drove to pick them up from the airport.  Most people spend the weekends leading up to birth relaxing but not this mama.  I was out with my mom and grandmother enjoying the weekend shopping and cooking fish- for some reason I just couldn't relax!

Sunday night I proceeded to wash and straighten my hair and plant an herb garden.  That's right- an herb garden!  Completely nuts.  I should've taken everyone's advice and kicked my feet up or slept more the weeks before he arrived because I certainly have not got more than 3 hours of sleep since! 

Around 11ish that evening, I began to feel strong menstrual like pains off and on.  I ignored it and proceeded to paint my nails, which turned out awful so I removed the polish- what a waste of time! I could not get to sleep.  Between the pains and the pure anxiousness of giving birth the following morning, I could not settle down.  Meanwhile, hubby and the rest of the family are fast asleep.  The pains started to get worse and more frequent (which I now know were contractions) but I thought, you can just wait until morning.  You aren't in labor.  You are already scheduled for the c-section- no need to panic and run to the hospital so I continued another hour fighting through the pain.  So I joined hubby in bed and tried to go to sleep. 

Hubby has now taken notice to the moaning noises from the pain and asks me "are you in labor?"  I  reply "No.  Well- I don't know, it's not like I've been in labor before."  He asks me if I called the Dr and I thought no again, no need to panic.  Baby is coming tomorrow at noon as planned! 

By this time I have started to time the pains aka contractions.  They were about 10 minutes apart.  Hubby is now growing restless with listening to me fight through the pain and tells me to call the Dr.  I give in and make the call.  Another Dr in the practice was on-call and she advised me to go ahead to the hospital as it sounds like I am in early labor and with my previous surgery (the reason my Dr scheduled a c-section in the first place) we needed to play it safe.  It is now around 1:00am, May 2nd. 

We get out of bed and get the car packed up.  My mom is now awake and brother in law and see us off to the hospital.  We get checked in to the hospital shortly before 2am and they strap on all the monitoring equipment and check my cervix.  At this point I was dilated 1cm and having contractions about 9 minutes apart.  The nurse said if the labor continued to progress that the on call Dr would have to do my c-section early.  I freaked!  I wanted my doctor.  I wanted everything to go according to the plan.  I was determined to hold off as long as possible.  The nurse offered me pain medication and I refused knowing in a few short hours I would have to receive an epidural and spinal block for the c-section and did not want myself or my baby hopped up on an unnecessary drugs.  So I fought through the contractions while hubby tried to get a few zzz's before showtime in a few hours. 

By dawn, I had not dilated much more and my doctor had now arrived to the hospital and made aware that I was there early.  He came by and checked what was going on with my contractions and said our delivery time would be moved up for sure.  It was almost showtime!

Around 9:00am, the nurse comes and begins to prep us on what is about to happen.  She gives my husband his Dr McDreamy scrubs and he gets dressed.  Now we wait......

Right before getting wheeled into the operating room to meet our boy
Once I was wheeled into the operating room where the c-section would be performed, I was so nervous.  The environment really intimidated me and I was very nervous about the epidural and what was about to happen.  I was also extremely anxious to meet my baby and the contractions were getting more and more painful.  My hubby, anesthesiologist, and labor and delivery nurse put me at ease as the anesthesiologist administered the epidural and spinal block.  Not much long after,  Asher Michael Scott arrived and as I heard the sound of his sweet cry, tears of joy ran down my face.  The moment I waited on for so long was finally here.  I was a mom.

Our first moment together
My birth plan was fairly simple since I knew my entire pregnancy that I would deliver via c-section.  All I wanted was immediate skin to skin contact while still in the operating room and our hosptial was very accommodating of this request.  I knew this would encourage breastfeeding which I was adamant about doing and I know can be more difficult with c-section deliveries.  I was never thrilled with the idea that I had to deliver via c-section as I really wanted to experience a natural childbirth, but with the fibroid struggles I was satisfied with whatever delivery method would get my child here healthy and keep me safe in the process.  Asher was ready to be here however and I ended up experiencing part of a natural childbirth anyway- crazy how things work! 

Mother and Son :)
The past month has been a complete whirlwind of sleepless nights and breastfeeding struggles but I would not change one thing about it.  My life feels complete now that our son is here and I thank god for blessing us with this miracle.  Asher- thank you for choosing me to be your mom.

Love you baby boy always and forever.


  1. Oh my god I JUST seen the 'House Hunters' programme on television. Where you & your hubby buy the new build. Are you guys still there. I seen there's a new addition and what a beautiful baby. I'm in Australia and have a blog too. & on Instagram. I'm so excited I found your blog. ������Penny

    1. Hi Penny! We are still in the home :) Glad you found me and thank you so much!


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