Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Asher is... Three Months Old!


Bubba, I cannot believe you are already 3 months old.  Time please stand still!   Your current nicknames are still Bubba, Buddy, Simba, Ash, Ashtag, and Baby Boy; however, we definitely call you Bubba the most.   You are outgrowing your Boppy Lounger but loving the plain old Boppy these days.  You are needing less and less swing time but you still enjoy it when you get to have it.  You are an awesome traveler!  Car rides put you right to sleep!  You are still in 0-3 month clothes however we have slipped you in a few 3 month and 3-6 month onesies lately so you will likely graduate to those very soon.  You are also still in your size 1 diapers. Unfortunately, you have only slept completely through the night once which was 7 hours.  You average between 4-6 hours of sleep at night right now before you wake up for a night feeding.  You have the chubbiest cheeks and rolls for days.  I love that you are a little juicy man haha.  More to cuddle and love :)  You are no longer a fan of paci's but are enjoying putting things into your mouth so your new friend is your Hippo comfort chew blanky.


You are such a joyful boy!  Your smile completely melts me and you know it.  You smile, laugh and have conversations many times a day!  You really only fuss when you need something.   You grab things with you hands, are obsessed with your fists, and swing those arms and legs like crazy!  You are right on track and a little advanced in some areas.  You are very strong and some days your dad and I believe you are literally about to get up and start walking with how far you can sit up!

Growing Pains....

At your two month checkup, you weighed in at 11lbs 10oz and measured 23 inches.  We had to take you in a few weeks later because of your frequent spit ups and you were already up to 12lbs 2oz so you are certainly a solid little chunker :)  The doctor prescribed you reflux medicine for your spit up/reflux - I hate giving you medicine.  I hope you outgrow the tummy issues soon bubba.  Your eczema is doing much better with frequent lotioning and making sure you do not get any products with dyes or fragrances.  You are still exclusively breastfed on demand but now that mommy is back at work, I have to pump 3 times a day on days I am away for your bottles. My friend Sarah is your nanny right now and you love her!  You and her little girl Alivia are best buds right now :)

You are the best baby.  I will truly miss the days like these when you are so tiny and dependent on mommy.  I know I must savor every moment because time is proving to go way, way too fast!  

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