Sunday, April 2, 2017

Asher is... Eleven months old!


I cannot believe we only have one update to go in documenting your first year. It went so fast! Watching your personality develop is so fun. You are the sweetest, most charming little fella and at the same time have a bit of bashfulness to you. Your personality really lights up around people you are most comfortable with at this point which doesn't surprise me since your dad is pretty laid back and mommy is an introvert in many ways. You wear size 9-12 month clothes and are still in size 3 diapers.


You walk well with assistance and crawl at lightening speed now. I honestly thought you were going to walk at ten months but you still aren't confident enough to let go and trust yourself. Maybe it will happen this month but take your time, there's no rush. You are still a mamas boy right now and I love it lol. You eat 3 full meals a day with 2-3 snacks still but you are self feeding more now. You love mango, applesauce, avocado, and chicken. Mixed up veggies are not your favorite but you do enjoy veggies separately. You love baby muffins and eating snacks. This month we will be trying more and more baby led weaning options so you can start relying more on self feeding. You nurse or drink breast milk from a bottle the two days I leave for work 4-5 times a day still. I am hoping you will be weaned from bottle completely by 12 months and taking milk only from your silly cup. I am also going to start weaning you from nursing at 12 months knowing our bedtime nursing session may take a few months longer for you to get used to and that's okay.

Growing Pains....

At your 9 month well visit, you weighed in at 17lbs 6 oz and measured 27.8 inches long. Your head is up to 17.8 inches so I imagine you are around 19ish pounds right now and 29 inches or so long. Your next well visit is a week after turning 12 months so hopefully you grew well over the past 3 months! Your skin is doing so well! You did get a bit of a sunburn a few weeks ago from our family vacation to California but it cleared quickly. You have four teefies now too!

We are full steam ahead at planning your first birthday party now which will be April 29th. It is so crazy we survived a year raising a baby- wow. We love you so so much bubba and thank god daily for blessing us with you!

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