Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Asher is.....ONE YEAR OLD!


Our final milestone update and I feel a way about it :(  Watching you grow this past year has been nothing short of amazing.  Every look at you I am reminded of God's goodness and just so grateful!  You remain a sweet and loving little boy with such a laid back demeanor (most of the time).  You definitely know how to turn up when you want to and love flirting with your little lady friends!  You are still a small fry as you are just getting into size 12 months clothes and depending on the brand can still fit in some 9 months sizes.  You are about to graduate out of size 3 diapers as soon as we run out as I have been slipping you into some of your size 4's already.


You are getting around very well by yourself but you are still NOT walking without holding onto things.  I really thought you would have walked at 10 months but you seem to like doing things on your time.  We can tell you know how to walk and would just prefer not to lol.  I hope you go ahead and take off in the next few weeks.  I will be starting the weaning process in a couple of weeks from nursing/breast milk and I am honestly sad about it.  When we first began this nursing journey, it was so difficult I never thought I would make my goal of providing you breast milk exclusively through your first birthday so to think I am sad to give it up it just shocking!  Aside from nursing, you are drinking majority of the time from a sippy cup so it should be easy to wean you from bottles.  I am most concerned about weaning from bedtime nursing so I know that will be the last to go.  You love food- not many things you will not eat as of right now.  I am trying to find more creative food selections for you now as you are you self feeding more and more.

Growing Pains....

Your 12 month well visit is next week so we will see what your stats are then but our own measurements have you at around 20lbs and close to 29 inches long.  You have almost 6 teefies now as well!  You are doing very well in all areas at this time and I am so proud of you!

I am excited to see how you continue to grow and progress into the toddler years.  I am also scared of the terrible two stage but I know it will be fine.  We love you bubs :)


  1. Hello, I've been following since house hunters aired and I also live in the McKinney area. Just wondering what cameea do you use to capture your awesome photos!

    1. Hi Adrienne! Thank you so much for following. I use a combo of my Nikon D3100 and my iPhone 7 Plus :)


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