Photo Diary

Just a girl having a little fun with her camera.......
Disclaimer:Do not use these photos without permission or a direct link back to this page

Turner Falls Park- Arbuckle Mountain region of Davis, Oklahoma

First photos shot in manual- raw &unedited
  30 Day Photo Challenge
 Day 1-Self-Portrait

 Day 2-What you wore

 Day 3- Clouds

 Day 4 - Something Green

Day 5- After Dark

Day 6- Obsession

Day 7- Changes to come

Day 8- Routine

Day 9- Someone you love

Day 10- Childhood memory

Day 11- Something Blue

Day 12- Sunset

Day 13- Cannot live without

Day 14- Eyes

Day 15- Silhouette

Day 16- A good habit 

Day 17- Technology

Day 18- Your shoes

Day 19- Something you want

Day 20-  In my bag

Day 21- Faceless self portrait

Day 22- Inspirational

Day 23- Patterns

Day 24- Animal

Day 25- Strangers

Day 26- Close-up

Day 27- Celebration

Day 28- Flowers

Day 29-  Black & White

Day 30- Self Portrait 


  1. I soooo need to get back to blogging! Deleted all my post. This should be a challenge that i do! Bought a Nikon and im rarely putting it to use :-( Thanks for sharing!

    1. You should do it! It is a fun way to get used to a new camera :)


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